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New Research Available: Document Capture Technologies, Inc.

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After the close of business yesterday, we issued a 48-page Executive Informational Overview® (EIO®) on Document Capture Technologies, Inc. (DCMT-OTCBB). The full report can be accessed here.

Over the past decade, information management has become increasingly important worldwide, particularly with regard to how information is stored and shared. Accordingly, Document Capture Technologies, Inc. (“DCT” or “the Company”) develops document and image capture products that transform business-critical papers into a manageable digital format.

DCT has worked for the past several years to provide cost-effective and accurate mobile scanners as alternatives to manual data entry. The Company’s flexible and mobile scanning solutions create usable electronic content suited for database, document, content, and other systems. In doing so, these solutions are intended to reduce organizations’ operating costs, improve information accuracy, and speed-up processing time. DCT seeks to provide a seamless operational link between the scanner and data-collecting device by providing a customized interface based upon specific client needs. The Company believes it has created a competitive barrier that separates it from a commodity-type business.

To DCT’s knowledge, it ranks among the world’s largest developers of USB-powered, page-fed document capture platforms today. Since its first scanner was introduced in 2002, DCT has shipped an estimated four million products for both business and personal use.

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