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As banks continue to reduce their sell-side research budgets in order to focus coverage on “large-cap sectors, where trading volumes and revenue potential are higher,” many smaller firms developing emerging technologies are finding themselves without a way to access the investment community. Reduced research budgets has led to another well-known trend in the information analysis markets which is being employed by many institutions, including Deutsche Bank and J.P. Morgan, of creating a more economical coverage model by outsourcing research and report writing to India or other remote locations. In these situations, a company’s unique story is managed by individuals who have never met one-on-one with management and who often do not have the specialized experience necessary to know what pertinent points investors in the company’s market are looking for.

Creating Success

  • Competitive research & analysis for educated investment decisions
  • Ongoing media presence
  • Increased visibility
  • Unparalleled distribution
  • Suite of strategic products
  • Award-winning analyst team
Our research services, predicated on the Facts Without Fiction™ model, are intended to help companies generate the visibility afforded to large institutional banking clients while being crafted by Wall Street analysts in the U.S. who have more than three decades of sell-side experience. From our longevity in this business, we have built an extensive database of contacts across a wide spectrum of industries, which allows us to target our products to those who are most interested. It is all about getting the right information into the right hands.

Highlighting Our Clients

Crystal Research Associates specializes in providing independent, investor-focused research and corporate communication services that uniquely highlight our clients. Our goal is to present their stories in a way that ensures transparency and unbiased coverage for investors, journalists, and mainstream media. Our innovative approach has attracted significant interest within the investment community.

Our comprehensive coverage typically commences with our signature report, the Executive Informational Overview® (EIO®). This is complemented by Quarterly Updates, periodic Company Briefs, real-time social media updates, and the dissemination of interviews or other audio/video content. All of these resources are readily accessible to both institutions and individuals who rely on independent research for informed investment decisions.

Beyond our standard offerings, our skilled team is capable of tailoring services to meet a company's strategic requirements. This can encompass creating comprehensive content for Annual Reports, refining investor presentations for upcoming conferences, and assisting in the development of a compelling online and/or mobile presence.

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