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Independent Equity Research Report on T3 Motion, Inc. (TTTM)

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Crystal Research has initiated coverage on T3 Moton, Inc. (TTTM-NYSE Amex) with the publication of a 56-page Executive Informational Overview® available here.

T3 Motion (“the Company”) engages in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of electric vehicles (EVs), specializing in cost-effective environmentally conscious transportation solutions for professional and consumer markets. First introduced in 2007, the Company’s flagship product, the T3 Series stand-up vehicle (ESV), has been associated with an estimated reduction of over 12,000 tons of CO2 emissions and approximate savings of over $9 million in operating costs by its professional customers. T3 Motion also offers two consumer products: (1) the R3 Series prototype, a two-passenger vehicle for the consumer market; and (2) the T3 Series consumer version, the T3 Power Sport.

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The T3 Series ESV is an electric, zero-emission, three-wheel unit designed for law enforcement and security operations yet flexible enough for government and consumer applications. The T3 Series is capable of speeds up to 20 mph and has a zero-degree turning radius for improved maneuverability, a 450-pound cargo capacity, and an integrated emergency lighting system.

The foundation of T3 Motion’s vehicles is the Company’s proprietary power management technology and propulsion system that maximizes range and minimizes recharging time. For maximum flexibility, the T3 Series is equipped with plug-and-play power modules that can be hot-swapped in less than one minute, minimizing downtime and reducing range concerns.

There are approximately 3,000 T3 Series vehicles in operation across 30 countries. These vehicles are currently used by the Pentagon, CIA and FBI buildings, police departments, cities, municipalities, airports, ports, military bases and installations, the U.S. National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak), and other venues. The T3 Series ESV has aided security at major events, such as the Tour de France, Rose Parade, Super Bowl, G20 Summit, and Grand Prix Formula One races.

The Company plans to capitalize on its expertise gained through the development of the T3 Series technology, incorporating technical features currently in use on T3 Motion’s professional offerings in order to expand its penetration into additional professional and consumer markets.

Professional Markets

In the professional arena, T3 Motion targets law enforcement and private security entities, as well as military and government institutions. The T3 Series can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of law enforcement patrols, allowing officers to respond to calls faster and with lower physical exertion. In addition, it provides lower operating and maintenance costs versus gasoline-powered vehicles, with daily operating costs of $0.10 a day.

The modular design of the T3 Series allows multiple configurations for applications such as law enforcement, emergency medical services, parking patrols, and parcel delivery. To date, T3 Motion has provided EV security solutions to more than 180 cities, municipalities, and police departments, 90 university and college campuses, 40 private and corporate security forces, in addition to more than 400 retail institutions. In addition, the T3 Series ESV is used in over 30 government and military installations and in 50 airports and ports worldwide.

The Company’s newest entry into this market is the T3 NLRV. Designed to provide law enforcement with safer alternatives during riots and violent protests, the T3 NLRV incorporates features such as semi-automatic non-lethal launchers, high-intensity LED deterrent strobe lights, a riot shield, puncture-proof tires, and video recording capabilities.

Consumer Market

In early 2011, T3 Motion completed its R3 Series consumer EV prototype, a two-passenger vehicle that is planned in two versions: a fully electric vehicle with a top speed of 70 mph and a 100-mile range per charge, and a plug-in hybrid version with top speeds of 100 mph and a 300-mile range. The Company is planning a sample trial of approximately 100 R3 units in Los Angeles in late 2012 or early 2013, which T3 Motion expects to follow with full production.

The R3 features a proprietary, patent-pending, single rear-wheel design with two high-performance tires sharing one rim. This design is anticipated to improve traction, stability, handling, and energy efficiency. Accordingly, the R3 is classified as a motorcycle, permitting a faster time to market as it is does not require the lengthy testing imposed on cars and trucks to meet U.S. Department of Transportation standards.

In December 2011, the Company launched the T3 Power Sport, which is based on the T3 Series platform and designed to meet consumers’ needs through key configuration and design changes (e.g., customizable colors and graphics) and various accessories.

Other Security Products

T3 Motion also markets vehicle-mounted and standalone security products, including a license plate recognition system (T3 LPR), an in-car data recording system, a 360-degree camera, and a wireless IP video monitoring system.

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