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NEW REPORT: Quarterly Update on Neonode Inc. (NEON-NASDAQ)

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Yesterday, we released a Quarterly Update on Neonode Inc. (NEON-NASDAQ), which provides infrared multi-sensing interface solutions to make handheld, consumer, and industrial electronic devices touch sensitive. Neonode operates via a technology licensing model where revenues are primarily generated through non-exclusive, royalty-based licenses to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), original design manufacturers (ODMs), and component suppliers.

The Company’s innovative multi-sensing touch technology is branded zForce®, for which it holds multiple patents worldwide. Based on zForce®, Neonode has developed a variety of features that sense any object—its size, its pressure on a surface, its depth, its velocity, and even its proximity to the surface. This feature set, called Neonode MultiSensing™ touch technology, provides a much richer user experience than traditional touch. The potential of this technology as a 3D, "touchless" touch solution is demonstrated in the video below. 

With MultiSensing™ technology, Neonode seeks to rival standard capacitive touch solutions. To date, MultiSensing™ has been employed in a Kindle Touch eReader from, Inc., the Nook eReader from Barnes & Noble, Inc., eReaders from Sony Corp. and Kobo Inc., and in the MEEP! tablet from Oregon Scientific Inc. The Company also has license agreements with Alpine Electronics, Inc., Netronix, Inc., BYD, and One Laptop Per Child, among other companies in the tablet PC, mobile phone, office equipment, and automotive sectors. 

Quarterly Update: Investor Highlights for Neonode Inc. 

Recent highlights for Neonode's technology and markets include:

  • The Company’s proprietary architecture eliminates the glass overlay required to provide capacitive touch interfaces—one of Neonode’s key competitive advantages. This allows the Company to offer low production costs and significantly lower power consumption, while providing 100% optical transparency for a clear viewing experience.
  • During the first six months of 2012, the Company announced seven new licensing agreements and 40 design wins—defined as the incorporation of Neonode’s technology into the development of a high-volume product—encompassing a wide range of electronic devices. 
  • In January 2012, Neonode introduced NN1001, an ultra-low-power, single-chip optical controller. This chip reduces the size of the Company’s solution, increases performance and speed, and decreases manufacturing costs. In February 2012, the Company debuted its new 3D multi-touch feature of Neonode MultiSensing™ technology at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, Spain, which is now being incorporated into consumer products.
  • The global touchscreen market, estimated to be $16 billion in 2012, is projected to reach nearly $32 billion by 2018. Within this arena, Neonode estimates that it holds approximately 80% of the market for touchscreen interfaces in black-and-white eReaders—a sector expected to ship between 34 million and 38 million units during 2012 (Sources: Forbes and the New York Times).

Crystal Research Associates issued a full report--the Executive Informational Overview® on Neonode Inc.--in March 2012. Visit for the latest news and information on Neonode.