April 2013 Quarterly Update and Business Review on AtheroNova (AHRO)

Posted by Laura Swartz

April 5, 2013 at 3:08 PM

Today we released updated research on AtheroNova Inc. (AHRO-OTC), a biotechnology company focused on the development of compounds to safely regress atherosclerotic plaque and improve patients’ lipid profiles. Our latest 12-page Quarterly Update on AtheroNova discusses the Company’s financial results for its 2012 fiscal year as well as its continued progress in the development of therapeutic clinical-stage product candidates.

AtheroNova’s most advanced candidate, AHRO-001, works to reduce the incidence and severity of atherosclerotic plaque by employing a bile salt to dissolve existing plaque deposits as well as prevent new deposits from forming. AtheroNova plans to develop its patent-pending technology in multiple applications, including cardiovascular disease, stroke, PAD, dementia/Alzheimer’s, and erectile dysfunction—all of which have been linked to atherosclerosis.

The global lipid regulator market was valued at $38.7 billion in revenues in 2011, driven by a high prevalence of cardiovascular disease and limited therapeutic options (Source: IMS Health). Today, despite concerns over long-term tolerability, safety, and efficacy, statins are still considered the most effective method available for reducing cholesterol levels--indicating a serious unmet clinical need for better plaque-fighting products. Moreover, new research has found that the use of statins may actually result in an increase of certain types of coronary plaque. AtheroNova believes that its ability to potentially regress atherosclerosis, coupled with a favorable safety and tolerance profile for its compounds, provides a competitive advantage against currently approved therapies including statins, which merely stabilize the disease.

Highlights from the April 2013 Quarterly Update include the following:

  • AtheroNova expects to initiate and complete a Phase I trial for AHRO-001 in Russia by the third quarter 2013. The Company has secured financing to fund Phase I and Phase II clinical trials in Russia, and has already filed an Investigational New Drug (IND) application for AHRO-001 with Russia’s Ministry of Healthcare through its licensing and development partner, OOO CardioNova. AtheroNova intends to file a U.S. IND application in 2013 for AHRO-001.

  • Preclinical U.S. studies for AHRO-001 at UCLA and Cedars-Sinai demonstrated that use of the compound resulted in plaque and cholesterol reduction. The use of AHRO-001 has been found to lead to a 95% reduction in innominate arterial plaque formation versus a control group. In addition, the compound was well tolerated at high doses, and did not show morbidity, adverse effects, or mortality issues.

  • In the first quarter 2013, AtheroNova launched a new website designed to keep the public updated on its clinical programs and milestones as it transitions from a preclinical to a clinical-stage company. Furthermore, the Company developed an app that provides investors and users with updated Company news and access to AtheroNova’s public documents.

For additional information about the Company's technology, news announcements, and stock information, as well as to download published research reports, please see AtheroNova's Corporate Profile.

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