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Fund Managers Unplugged: Industry Veterans Predict Stock Performance

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If you will be at OneMedForumNY 2013 this week, you are invited to attend the Fund Managers Unplugged panel as veteran fund managers, including Crystal Research CEO Jeffrey Kraws, explore the state of financing in the life sciences arena and discuss the successful “picks” made during OneMedForumSF 2013 this past January.

Check out our YouTube page for video highlights from the first “Fund Managers Unplugged” event held in January 2013, which include Jeff Kraws' initial stock picks, Gilead Sciences (GILD-NASDAQ) and ISIS Pharmaceuticals (ISIS-NASDAQ), which are up 23% and 107% respectively since the first panel!

This Thursday, Jeff Kraws will be a panelist during the second "Fund Managers Unplugged," where he will discuss what he looks for when selecting stocks, among other topics. Mr. Kraws was consistently ranked among the top 10 analysts for stock performance decade after decade in his years as an analyst, even being selected 5-star by Starmine, top estimator by Zacks, and number one in the world among analysts in pharmaceuticals multiple times for stock performance. He is now also an advisor to 9 funds with over $19 billion under management and his opinions and guidance in healthcare are sought out by leaders in the industry, ranging from the smallest to the largest companies in the world. He is a regular guest in the media for television, radio, and print as his opinions are valued and sought after. 

Please join us at OneMedForumNY 2013, at the panel and at our booth.

WHAT: Fund Managers Unplugged, a Panel Discussion of Veteran Healthcare Fund Managers’ Outlook on 2013 and Beyond (Click here for panel information page.)

WHEN: Thursday, June 27, 2013, from 4:20 PM – 5:00 PM

WHERE: OneMedForumNY 2013 held at the Metropolitan Club in New York City

HOW TO ATTEND: Click here for more information about registration for the conference.

About OneMedForumNY 2013

This Forum created and hosted by OneMedPlace will focus on the new financing strategies made possible by the JOBS Act, with a showcase of investment opportunities in fast-growing private (pre-IPO) companies and microcap public companies. OneMedForumNY 2013 will feature 50 private and public companies, all with important and financially intriguing advancements in health and medicine. The investor conference expects more than 500 attendees, including venture capitalists, private equity investors, high net worth individuals, angel investors and early-stage incubators, family offices, hedge funds, investment banks, and more.

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