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NEW RESEARCH: 72-page Report on International Stem Cell Corp. (ISCO)

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ISCO logoYesterday, Crystal Research Associates initiated coverage on International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCO-OTC) with the release of a 72-page Executive Informational Overview® (What is an EIO?). The full report is available for download here.

International Stem Cell Corporation (“ISCO” or “the Company”) is a biotechnology company focused on the therapeutic applications of human parthenogenetic stem cells (hpSCs) to treat diseases of the brain, liver, and the eye, as well as on the development and commercialization of cell-based research and cosmetic products.

ISCO’s Novel Stem Cell Technology 

ISCO is pioneering the development of a new class of stem cells—known as human parthenogenetic stem cells (hpSCs). The Company believes that these therapeutic stem cells avoid the safety, economic, and ethical concerns inherent with existing stem cell technologies. 

ISCO’s core proprietary technology, parthenogenesis, refers to a form of asexual reproduction in which an egg develops without being fertilized by a male gamete. The creation of hpSCs involves the stimulation of a human oocyte (egg) to start the cell division process without actual fertilization. Since the eggs are not fertilized, no viable human embryo is created nor destroyed for the generation of ISCO’s hpSC lines. In addition, according to the Company, the histocompatibility profile of hpSCs makes this the only stem cell platform capable of generating stem cell lines that can immune-match millions of people. The main medical, economic, and ethical benefits of hpSCs are summarized in the Figure below.

isco benefits of hpscs

The Company’s therapeutic efforts for its hpSCs are concentrated in three markets where cell therapy has been clinically proven, but where there is a shortage of safe cells or tissue:

  1. Parkinson’s disease;

  2. inherited metabolic liver disease; and

  3. corneal blindness.

ISCO believes these markets could have a combined revenue potential of over $5 billion. ISCO is also employing its proprietary stem cell technology to develop an stem cell bank, UniStemCell™, which already contains enough histocompatible stem cell lines to immune-match over 75 million people.

Revenue-Generating Therapeutic Programs

The Company produces and markets specialized cells and growth media for therapeutic research through its subsidiary Lifeline Cell Technology ( and SC-based skin care products through its subsidiary Lifeline Skin Care ( During 2012, these companies generated approximately $4.6 million in sales. 

Lifeline Cell Technology is a B2B research products company that specializes in the development, manufacture, and commercialization of purified primary human cells, media, and reagents for cell culture and therapeutic research. Lifeline Cell Technology's line of biomedical products includes over 130 products in four categories: (1) human cells; (2) human tissues; (3) cell culture media; and (4) additional products such as reagents and SC differentiation kits. The products are used primarily for application in the field of regenerative medicine, safety and toxicology testing, and basic cell biology. In 2012, Lifeline Cell Technology generated $2.4 million in sales—a 35% growth rate over 2010.

isco lifeline skin care productsMoreover, the Lifeline Skin Care subsidiary develops, manufactures, and markets advanced anti-aging skin care products based on growth factors and peptides extracted from hpSCs. During development of its technology for therapeutic programs, ISCO scientists discovered that extracts from some stem cells had a beneficial effect on the health of skin cells. After additional experiments and collaborations with skin care experts in order to optimize the SC extract and formulation, the Lifeline Skin Care products were introduced in November 2010. Lifeline Skin Care products generated sales of $2.2 million in 2012.

Business Model and Growth Strategy

ISCO uses its proprietary platform technology to operate under a novel business model for the biotechnology industry (see ISCO'S Business Model below). Specifically, the revenue-generating commercial operations of its subsidiary businesses (Lifeline Cell Technology and Lifeline Skin Care) support the development of the Company’s therapeutic programs and licensing opportunities. This model not only provides practical, short-term applications of the Company’s core technologies, but also generates financial resources to support further scientific research and development of ISCO’s therapeutic programs in Parkinson’s disease, metabolic liver disease, and corneal blindness. In addition, ISCO’s plans include the creation of an SC bank and, once it has proven the technology platform by developing the therapeutic treatments, the licensing of its technologies to third parties for the development of third-party treatments. 

isco business model


Learn More About International Stem Cell Corporation

Crystal Research has published a 72-page Executive Information Overview® on International Stem Cell Corporation, which overviews the Company's products and technologies, as well as its growth strategy, intellectual property, management, competition, among other relevant information. A free copy of the report can be downloaded via ISCO's Corporate Profile

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