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CardioComm Partner to Promote Case Study on SMART Monitoring Services

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Earlier today, CardioComm Solutions, Inc. (EKG-TSX.V) announced that its partner, SunGard Availability Services (Canada) Ltd, is expected to promote a case study evaluating CardioComm’s use of SunGard’s cloud-based systems infrastructure as the platform for the Company's HeartCheck™ SMART Monitoring services. The case study serves as an external confirmation of CardioComm’s technical capabilities and is part of the Company’s efforts to secure independent validation of its HeartCheck™ SMART Monitoring solution. The companies signed a three-year partnership agreement in September 2012, which enabled CardioComm to use SunGard’s enterprise cloud services as the systems infrastructure to launch its HeartCheck™ SMART Monitoring services and the associated ECG Coordinating Centre (C4) in North America.

heartcheck logoCardioComm’s HeartCheck™ SMART Monitoring services are designed to support consumers who seek to prevent or manage cardiac disease by enabling these patients to track their ECGs anytime and anywhere in the world. The HeartCheck™ PEN (shown below) is currently being sold for $259 for the device. Each customer who purchases a HeartCheck™ PEN is also offered one complimentary ECG report provided by call center (C4) physicians, which encourages the patient to establish a relationship with a C4 physician and also serves as a baseline ECG reading for future reference. Subsequent ECG readings are charged on a per-use basis.


SunGard is expected to promote the case study via its corporate website and newsletter as well as via social media. CardioComm also plans to use data from the case study in its marketing materials. The Company is also participating in SunGard’s Customer Advocacy Program, which could facilitate exposure to IT industry analysts and publications.

As part of today’s announcement, CardioComm reported that it plans to continue pursuing medical validation of its products (versus traditional ECG technologies) as well as participation in large-scale peer-reviewed research.

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