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describe the imageWe are pleased to announce the publication of an Executive Informational Overview (EIO) on Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (PBIO-OTC), a company developing and commercializing proprietary laboratory instruments and consumable products. The full 76-page report is available for download here.

Pressure BioSciences' product portfolio is based on its patented pressure cycling technology (PCT) platform, which is able to apply and release high levels of hydrostatic pressure in a safe and controlled manner. While this technology has applications across many industries, Pressure BioSciences is initially using PCT to develop products that improve sample preparation—the process of preparing a sample for analysis. In life science research, sample preparation is integral to tens of thousands of laboratories worldwide. Pressure BioSciences’ line of Barocycler® products enables scientists to harness the power of PCT in the lab. Biological samples (e.g., cells and tissues from humans, animals, plants) placed in a Barocycler are exposed to programmable cycles of low-to-intense pressure—up to 58,000 pounds per square inch (psi). This act of “cycling” pressure can accelerate and control physical and chemical processes, including the breakup of cellular structures and release of biomarkers from a sample for subsequent testing and analysis. Pressure BioSciences’ portfolio also includes Shredder instruments (for rapidly shredding or grinding samples), sample preparation kits and reagents, and related consumable products (e.g., tubes to hold the samples during the PCT process).

Key Points

  • The sample preparation market could reach $5.4 billion in 2013, with potential to more than double to $11.5 billion by 2018 due to new technology and growing demand.

  • The Company has initially focused on PCT tools to enhance biomarker discovery, a key part of vaccine, diagnostic, and therapeutic R&D; and forensic analysis, which may improve DNA evidence processing and lead to higher arrest/conviction rates.

  • PCT has been shown to extract a higher quality and quantity of proteins, nucleic acids (DNA/RNA), and small molecules from samples versus competitive laboratory products and processes. This is expected to have positive implications in biomarker discovery, forensics, and many other areas of life science research.

  • The Company has installed 235 units to date. Customers include large pharma/biotech companies (Bristol-Myers, Amgen, Merck), U.S. government agencies (FBI, FDA, NIH, USDA), and universities (Harvard School of Public Health, Stanford, UCLA). Many users have performed studies using PCT. In total, over 100 papers have been published on diverse applications for PCT.

  • Pressure BioSciences emphasizes continued innovation, with multiple novel products in its R&D pipeline, including a high-throughput PCT system designed to meet the automated processing needs of larger clinical diagnostics labs and R&D organizations.

  • The Company has 24 issued and 6 pending patents globally that protect aspects and applications of its PCT platform.

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