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New Research Available on Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp. (ADMP-OTC)

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Adamis Logo Long 150x56Today we published our first report on Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp. (ADMP-OTCBB), an innovative biopharmaceutical company combining specialty pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to create treatment options for the following:

  • allergy
  • respiratory
  • oncology
  • immunological disorders
  • infectious diseases

Adamis is built on a business model that entails licensing innovative programs from companies or institutions and then advancing these initiatives through the clinical development, regulatory approval, and marketing process. In order to efficiently accomplish its objectives, the Company operates through two subsidiaries—Adamis Laboratories (specialty pharmaceuticals) and Adamis Therapeutics (biotechnology)—which are intended to ultimately complement each other with specialty pharmaceutical revenues supporting the development of therapeutic products.

With this business model, which the Company views as innovative for its sector, Adamis ultimately aims to be able to support its biotechnology activities through revenues generated by sales of its specialty pharmaceuticals. Additionally, the operations of Adamis Laboratories may help mitigate the risks of biotechnology product development.

Read the full 52-page report on Adamis’ product candidates, markets, growth strategy, competition, and financial position at

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