New Research Available on MedeFile International Inc. (MDFI-OTC)

Posted by Laura Swartz

June 28, 2011 at 9:04 AM

New research is freely available through Crystal Research Associates’ Research Library on MedeFile International Inc. (MDFI-OTCQB). Visit our library for the comprehensive 52-page PDF on MedeFile, a provider of Internet-enabled personal health records.

MedeFile is a healthcare information technology (IT) company that develops and markets its branded product, called MedeFile, which is a proprietary web-based system for storing personal health records (PHRs). MedeFile is a full-service solution that collects members’ actual medical records from a variety of sources and then organizes and electronically stores these documents in a secure, central location. Members can access information, anywhere and at any time, through multiple channels, including via a secure Internet portal and/or web-enabled mobile device, as well as through the Company’s patent-pending MedeDrive™, which is a specially designed Universal Serial Bus (USB) drive.

MedeFile’s flexible design allows subscribers to tailor the system to their needs—selecting what information is collected and from where, and defining rules for sharing that information with third parties, such as physicians, pharmacists, family members, or caretakers. The MedeFile solution also entails additional services, such as an interactive health calendar, a reminder service for medications and appointments, and a drug-to-drug interaction module. The Company believes that MedeFile’s multiple access points, unlimited storage space, automatically updated records, portability, and privacy features provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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