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CEL-SCI’s progress toward the start of its Phase III trial

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CEL-SCI Corporation (CVM-NYSE Amex) is advancing its Phase III clinical trial of Multikine®, CEL-SCI’s lead immunotherapy product. Multikine® is being developed as a first-line standard-of-care treatment for head and neck cancer. In previous Phase II trials, this therapy was safe and well-tolerated, and had increased patient survival by 33% at a median of 3.5 years after treatment. Multikine® was also credited with eliminating head and neck cancer tumors in 12% of patients less than a month into treatment. On average, CEL-SCI’s new cancer therapy kills about 50% of tumor cells before patients have surgery or begin chemotherapy, which improves the likelihood of success of these standard treatments.

Throughout September and October 2010, CEL-SCI has been receiving IRB approvals to commence the global Phase III trial of Multikine® needed to pursue regulatory approval. North Mississippi Health Services in the U.S. has approved patient enrollment for the study, as has an IRB in Taiwan, the Hungarian National Institute of Pharmacy, and the Ethical Council Affiliated with the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the Russian Federation. Altogether, the trial is targeted for nine countries and CEL-SCI expects it to be the largest clinical study of head and neck cancer ever conducted.

CEL-SCI has announced that it is holding a Biotech, Pharma, and Healthcare Virtual Conference today via webcast at 11:30 am ET. Visit to participate, and for a replay.