New Topical Cannabis Cream, TopiCanna, Hits the Market

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This week, diversified life sciences company Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (TAUG-OTC) launched its first proprietary topical medicinal cannabis cream branded as TopiCanna and provided a corporate update. Highlights of the news are described below, and the complete press release is available here.


TopiCannaMany people who have used topical cannabis creams have reported decreased musculoskeletal pain. As such, Tauriga's TopiCanna product is designed to provide potential wellness and healing properties without narcotic effects. TopiCanna contains cannabidiol (CBD) oil from non-GMO industrial hemp that is grown without pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. Tauriga reports that the oil has been lab tested for quality and is natural, safe, and legal in the United States and in Japan, where Tauriga has a recently announced memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Tokyo-based iFLOW Ltd. The MOU relates to the distribution and sale of three new Tauriga-branded natural wellness products to the Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong regions. There are not believed to be any psychoactive effects associated with the CBD oil. In addition to the CBD oil from non-GMO industrial hemp, the lotion contains ingredients for soothing dry skin.

To inquire about or purchase TopiCanna, please contact info@taurigasciences.com as the product is currently sold directly by Tauriga. The company plans to expand TopiCanna's sales and marketing efforts to include online sales and distribution agreements, both domestically and internationally.


Tauriga is also currently producing its first run of CannaCaviar soft gels using high-CBD, low-THC oil that has been extracted from the stalk of the cannabis plant. CannaCaviar is also included in the MOU with iFLOW Ltd. Tauriga anticipates launching CannaCaviar before the end of 2014.

New Websites

Earlier in December 2014, Tauriga launched a new version of its corporate website at www.tauriga.com, which has more extensive content than the previous site iteration, and the company reports that it is on target to launch a new e-commerce website, www.taurigastore.com (Under Construction), in the near term. TaurigaStore.com will likely be a forum for sales of the company's non-cannabis-containing line of natural wellness dietary supplements: (1) IndiCalm, a natural calming formula without inducing cognitive impairment; (2) ClearNaze, a natural decongestant without stimulant or drowsiness effects; (3) Satietiva, an amino acid-based appetite suppressant; and (4) EndoCannabinoid Omega-3 Support (or MendOCan), a highly pure, potent, and palatable Omega 3 supplement. 

Pilus Energy

Tauriga's wholly owned subsidiary, Pilus Energy, continues to advance its synthetic biology-driven, commercial efforts in wastewater remediation with the EPA's Testing & Evaluation group and the Metropolitan Sewer District in Cincinnati. Moreover, Pilus is generating interest from other potential partners in different industries. Last week, Pilus Energy received approximately 15 gallons of trub, which is a high protein, high fat byproduct of brewing, and 5 gallons of waste yeast from Mad Tree Brewing Co. located in Cincinnati, OH. Mad Tree's interest was piqued after hearing the Pilus value proposition of improving waste management practices while also reducing the brewery's environmental impact. Each week, Mad Tree discharges approximately 800 gallons of trub down the drain which then requires large amounts of energy to transport to and treat at the municipal wastewater treatment plant. An onsite system could transform this "waste" into valuable energy that could offset the operating costs of the brewery, thus displacing some of the fossil-fuel based electricity that is currently needed to run the brewery and the wastewater treatment plant. 

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