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Pressure BioSciences Announces First Sale of Barozyme™ HT48 and Accelerated Marketing

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This morning, laboratory instrumentation company Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (PBIO-OTC) announced that it had received the first purchase order for one of its newest products, the Barozyme™ HT48 High-throughput System, and had the potential for a second order for the same product. The possible second purchase could come from an existing European customer that has requested a quote.
About the Barozyme™ HT48

The Barozyme™ HT48 is a high-throughput system for the enhanced preparation of proteins for mass spectrometry analysis. It is a bench-top product capable of high-capacity, PCT-based accelerated enzymatic digestion of protein at high pressure, using an air-pressure-to-liquid-pressure intensifier system to reach 20,000 psi. The Barozyme™ HT48 processes up to 48 samples simultaneously using proprietary, single-use BaroFlex 8-well processing strips. According to Pressure BioSciences, the Barozyme™ HT48 can reduce the typical trypsin digestion times from hours to minutes.
The Barozyme™ HT48 was first introduced during the American Society for Mass Spectrometry’s (ASMS) 62nd Annual Conference, held June 15-19, 2014. It is anticipated to allow Pressure BioSciences to further expand its target market, as the product may fulfill the needs of larger research and clinical diagnostics laboratories and companies. The processing capabilities of Pressure BioSciences’ existing Barocycler products provide capacity for one run, or up to a maximum of 48 samples, in a manual-handling format designed for small laboratories and individual scientists.
In addition, the BaroFlex strips used in the Barozyme™ HT48 system were designed to the industry-standard micro-titer plate format, which the Company believes allows the instrument to integrate directly with the automated, standardized, high-throughput liquid handling robotic and analytical systems installed in biological research laboratories worldwide.
Product Status
Prior to the current purchase order, Pressure BioSciences had worked during fall 2014 to build nine Barozyme™ HT48 systems and install three of them at laboratories for evaluation. Evaluating laboratories included a U.S. biotechnology company, Dr. Radoslav Goldman’s laboratory at Georgetown University, and Dr. William Funk’s laboratory at the Feinberg School of Medicine (Northwestern University). Of these, the current purchase order came from the U.S. biotechnology company, which also already owns and routinely uses two of Pressure BioSciences’ NEP2320 Barocycler instruments. In addition, evaluating laboratories confirmed the instrument’s capabilities and gave feedback for key modifications to both the software and hardware, which Pressure BioSciences states improve the system’s versatility, accuracy, and robustness.
Going forward, Pressure BioSciences plans to install three more evaluation systems in the near term, which include sites at an academic research facility in Massachusetts, a cancer research company in California, and a non-profit research center in Sweden. New Barozyme™ HT48 systems with upgrades and improvements based on the evaluation feedback are expected for sale during the second quarter 2015.

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