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Satellos Bioscience Inc.
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Satellos Bioscience Inc. is a biotechnology company dedicated to developing life-changing medicines to treat degenerative muscle conditions
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  • Satellos Bioscience Inc. is pioneering discoveries into the body’s regenerative processes and developing a novel category of small molecule drugs that have the capacity to reset the body's innate ability to rebuild muscle from within. Based on its findings, the Company’s drug products are expected to be able to reset the body’s natural ability to self-repair skeletal muscle to treat degenerative muscle diseases.

  • Degenerative muscle conditions have devastating impacts on the daily lives of millions of patients and are inadequately served by current treatments. Satellos believes that its development efforts may have potential benefits in many disease situations, including rare genetic conditions, such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy—an incurable disease that affects an estimated 1 in 4,000 live male births per year worldwide—as well as diseases associated with chronic illnesses and aging. The market size for these treatments is estimated at over $20 billion, with a number of companies in early stages of development within this sector valued at over $500 million.

  • Satellos’ lead drug program is focused on treating Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a fatal genetic disease with insufficient treatment options. Beginning early in childhood, Duchenne progressively destroys muscle tissue, a process that Satellos has discovered is due to a failure of the body’s regenerative processes to self-repair. The Company believes that by resetting the self-repair and regeneration process, its therapeutics may have the potential to transform the treatment paradigm and create better outcomes for individuals living with the disease. 

  • There is tremendous value to be created in muscular dystrophy as there is the potential for accelerated approval of a drug candidate that goes into Duchenne patients since to date, there is no truly effective treatment for these patients other than corticosteroids, which only delays the inevitable by a couple of years.

  • Satellos has the capital needed, having recently raised $55 million from world class healthcare institutional investors to advance its lead clinical candidate through Phase 1 clinical trial and meaningful data readouts. Cash runway is currently projected through 2025. 

  • Satellos’ directors and officers possess a range of expertise and knowhow in which to develop and execute on its business strategy and support its technical capabilities. The Company believes it possesses the ability to execute on its commercial and operational strategy with an experienced team in place to drive the strategy forward.

  • Satellos has licensed a large body of intellectual property related to compositions and methods of use of a naturally occurring protein called ‘Wnt7a’, which plays a role in the symmetric stem cell division central to muscle regeneration. It is believed that Wnt7a may be an effective treatment strategy in muscle wasting conditions other than Duchenne, including indications where significant muscle damage and/or atrophy (loss) has occurred due to physical trauma or disuse. Satellos expects to explore the use of Wnt7a as a therapeutic modality for these cases. 

* Updated on October 5, 2023.

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