Avivagen Inc. (VIV-TSX.V)


Avivagen Inc.
100 Sussex Drive, Ottawa
Ontario, Canada K1A 0R6
Phone: (613) 949-8164

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Avivagen Inc. (or “the Company”) is a life sciences company developing products to replace the use of antibiotics in livestock feed, among other human and animal health products. In the U.S., 80% of all antibiotics sold are not prescribed to patients, but rather are given to poultry and livestock. These drugs are used to ward off disease among animals raised in close quarters and to promote weight gain in animals intended for slaughter. A consequence of such widespread antibiotic use is “superbugs,” potentially fatal bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotic treatment. Rising antibiotic resistance is one of the foremost human health concerns of the century, and Avivagen believes its proprietary, non-antibiotic, hormone-free OxC-beta™ technology holds the key to balancing the food production industry’s need for the benefits of antibiotics with society’s need to preserve antibiotics for only medically necessary uses. OxC-beta™ is a nature-based ingredient with clinical support for its ability to enhance animal health, immunity, and weight gain. Sales have commenced for its use in livestock feed, with the Company now focused on market access and penetration. Avivagen is also pursuing important opportunities in human health for OxC-beta™ based on discoveries documenting an extensive safety record in nature for its bioactive component. An OxC-beta™-based product for companion animals has also been developed.

* The Corporate Snapshot was last updated on March 7, 2017.

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