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NKore Biotherapeutics, LLC
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Germantown, TN, 38139
Contact: tryan@nkore.com

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NKore Biotherapeutics, LLC (“NKore” or “the Company”) is a cellular-based biotherapeutics company focused on the early detection, prevention, and treatment of cancer. The Company’s technology is based on a proprietary method of activating natural killer (NK) cells, creating Supercharged Natural Killer (sNK) cells used as a novel oncology immunotherapy platform. NKore’s proprietary activation method enhances NK cells’ overall effectiveness, making them significantly more potent (i.e., they are more cytotoxic to the cancer cells), while reducing the likelihood of tumor regeneration and metastasis. The technology was developed by Dr. Anahid Jewett, the Company’s co-founder and Chief Scientific Advisor. Based on positive preclinical results, the Company believes that Dr. Jewett’s 30-plus years of researching NK cell function has resulted in the development of a novel and effective cancer immunotherapy. NKore’s current focus is to translate and replicate the positive preclinical results into human clinical trials and achieve marketing approval. To support its immunotherapy initiative, NKore also intends to commercialize a proprietary companion cell-based diagnostic screening platform to monitor the patient’s immune function to measure response to therapy and assist physicians in the development of better personalized treatment plans.

* The Corporate Snapshot was last updated on April 17, 2024.

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