17 Awards in 2014 (so far!) for Winemaker Truett-Hurst

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Yesterday, Truett-Hurst Inc. (THST-NASDAQ) summed up nicely its numerous packaging awards and recognitions received in 2014 alone. The California winemaker is frequently recognized by the beverage industry for the quality of its wines, but also from the graphic design industry due to its packaging innovations and uniquely artistic style of branding its wines. The latter point hinges on the talents of the Company’s creative director, Kevin Shaw, who is founder of beverage design group Stranger & Stranger.

Download  Report For more on the Company, its wines, and its product design, please consult our Executive Informational Overview published on August 20, 2014.

Truett-Hurst’s 2014 Awards to Date in Packaging

Pentaward Worldwide Packaging Awards

Gold medal for wine design, Paperboy

Harpers Wine & Spirit Global Design Awards

Best overall design agency

Gold medal in special packaging, Paperboy

Silver medal for white wine over $10, VML Gewurztraminer

Silver medal for white wine under $10, CA Square Bottle

Silver medal for red wine under $10, CA Square Bottle

Silver medal for best packaging, CA Square Bottle

Creativity International Graphic Designer & Advertising Agency Awards

Gold medal in food and beverage packaging, VML Gewurztraminer

Graphis Design Annual Review Best in Design

Silver medal, CA Square Bottle

San Francisco International Wine Competition

Double gold medal in packaging design, CA Square Bottle

Double gold medal in packaging design, Paperboy

Gold medal in packaging design, VML Gewurztraminer

Dieline Consumer Packaging Awards

First place in wine and champagne category, Paperboy

Beverage World Bev Star Awards

Best wine label, Curious Beasts

Best overall package design, Curious Beasts

Sustainability in a package, Paperboy

Beverage Industry magazine

Nominated as one of 10 finalists, Paperboy (winner to be published in December)