LRAD's Acoustic Hailing Devices to Aid in N. Colorado Flood Relief Efforts

Posted by Colleen Koski

September 19, 2013 at 11:47 AM

LRAD Corp. (LRAD-NASDAQ) has announced that it has loaned six acoustic hailing devices (AHDs) to the National Guard to aid in relief efforts following the massive flood in Northern Colorado. At least eight individuals were killed by the flooding and hundreds more remain missing. The flood caused an estimated $2 billion in property damage to buildings, roads, power and phone lines and other infrastructure in the area, hindering communication as well as search and rescue efforts.

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NEW RESEARCH: 12-page Quarterly Update on International Stem Cell

Posted by Laura Swartz

September 18, 2013 at 5:26 PM

Yesterday, we released a Quarterly Update on International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCO-OTC). This 12-page report is a follow-up to our 72-page and very in-depth Executive Informational Overview® published in August. Full text of the newly issued Update is available here.  

ISCO is focused on the therapeutic applications of human parthenogenetic stem cells (hpSCs) to treat diseases of the brain, liver, and the eye. ISCO’s proprietary technology is based on the creation of stem cells through parthenogenesis, a form of asexual reproduction that involves the stimulation of a human oocyte (egg) to start the cell division process without actual fertilization. Since the eggs are not fertilized, no viable human embryo is created nor destroyed for the generation of ISCO’s hpSC lines. The Company believes that these therapeutic stem cells avoid the safety, economic, and ethical concerns inherent with existing stem cell technologies.  

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