MetaStat Focuses on Lead Product Opportunity and Bolstering Pipeline

Posted by Colleen Koski

April 19, 2013 at 9:13 AM

MetaStat LogoYesterday, Crystal Research Associates published a 12-page Quarterly Update on MetaStat, Inc., a life sciences company developing next-generation diagnostic and therapeutic products for metastatic cancer. MetaStat is currently focused on three key initiatives within its pipeline: two diagnostic platforms (MetaSite™ Breast and MenaCalc™) as well as one therapeutic program (MenaBloc™). These candidates are overviewed on pages 5-8 of MetaStat's Quarterly Update.

Key Developments

MetaStat has achieved several key milestones in recent months as it continues to pursue its goals of bringing its first product candidate to market. 

  • In January 2013, MetaStat announced that it had completed a 500-patient confirmatory trial in breast cancer with MetaSite Breast. The Company expects data from this study to be released in mid-2013.
  • MetaStat appointed David Epstein, Ph.D. as advisor for the Company’s drug discovery and development initiatives. Dr. Epstein has over 15 years of R&D experience in addition to leadership experience in both the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. Dr. Epstein also joined MetaStat’s Board of Directors. 
  • The Company raised $1.3 million in gross proceeds during a private placement with accredited investors in early 2013.

Potential Milestones

MetaStat aims to achieve a number of milestones in the next 12 to 24 months for its three product candidates. With MetaSite Breast potentially entering the market in 2014, the Company is working to bolster its pipeline through the development of its two additional platforms. 

MetaSite Breast

  • Obtain results from a 500-patient large population validation study

  • Publish data from the validation study in leading scientific journal 

  • Initiate one or more additional validation and chemotherapy benefit studies (cohorts identified) 

  • Set up CLIA GLP-certified central laboratory 

  • Commence initial pilot marketing 


  • Initiate a large population validation study in breast cancer with metastatic risk as the primary endpoint

  • Perform a large-scale proof-of-concept study in prostate cancer 

  • Execute a large-scale proof-of-concept study in adenocarcinoma of the lung 


  • Perform a functional screening program for a small molecule mena inhibitor

  • Complete medicinal chemistry and lead optimization 

  • Continue licensing and partnering discussions

Additional Information

For additional information about the Company's technology platforms, news announcements, and stock information, as well as to download the 52-page Executive Informational Overview published on January 3, 2013, please see MetaStat's Corporate Profile.

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