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NEW RESEARCH: 52-page Report on Convoy Therapeutics, Inc.

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This afternoon we released our first Executive Informational Overview on Convoy Therapeutics, Inc., a closely held, late-stage biotechnology company developing a next-generation drug delivery technology. The report details Convoy's business, product development and R&D efforts, growth strategies and important milestones, management backgrounds, potential competition, and market opportunities, among many other factors that investors and stakeholders may find relevant.

About Convoy

describe the imageConvoy’s innovative Skin-Penetrating-And-Cell-Entering (SPACE) Peptide Technology uses a family of proprietary peptide sequences to transport topical drug and cosmetic compounds into the skin. A key competitive advantage of the SPACE technology is that it can be used to administer both small and large molecules. Many biologic drugs and therapeutic proteins, among other macromolecules, cannot be effectively delivered through the skin with current technologies due to the size of the active molecule. The SPACE Peptide not only facilitates skin penetration of large molecules but has also been shown to retain small compounds in the skin, potentiating a longer-lasting treatment effect. The technology is non-invasive and has been found to be non-toxic. Convoy’s pipeline includes using the SPACE platform to reformulate a well-known oral and injectable therapeutic, cyclosporine A, into a topical treatment for psoriasis called CycloPsorb™, as well as creating a topical hyaluronic acid cosmetic compound to reduce fine lines/wrinkles as a supplement to dermal filler and Botox® injections.

Key Points

  • Convoy’s topical hyaluronic acid for fine lines and wrinkles could reach the market in early 2014, followed by CycloPsorb™ in 2015. The pipeline further includes several preclinical-stage candidates.

  • The SPACE platform is adaptable to a range of molecules, and its use could enable new treatments in dermatology, immunology (vaccines), oncology and pain, and cosmetics/cosmeceuticals. Convoy seeks strategic partners interested in using the SPACE platform with their compounds or in co-development of the Company’s two lead candidates.

  • Medicines applied to the skin account for more than 12% of the global drug delivery market—which could expand with the advent of technologies such as Convoy’s that enable topical delivery of existing oral and injectable macromolecules.

  • Convoy holds an exclusive global license to the SPACE Peptide Technology, with patent applications filed in the U.S. and other worldwide territories under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

  • The Company is led by management experienced in biomedical, biotechnology, and financial markets as well as a Scientific Advisory Board chaired by Professor Samir Mitragotri, who is Director of the University of California, Santa Barbara’s Center for Bioengineering and a leading researcher in the field of drug delivery. Professor Mitragotri is an inventor of the SPACE technology.

  • Convoy is a closely held company. As such, information regarding its cash and financial position has not been made publicly available.

To read the full 52-page report, visit our website.