Both Sides of the Fence for 2011

Posted by Laura Swartz

December 27, 2010 at 10:18 AM

We hope everyone had an enjoyable and safe December, with happy, relaxing holidays. As 2011 approaches, a plethora of finance gurus have begun issuing their tips and recommendations for the new year. This morning alone, we’ve seen positive articles come out from Seeking Alpha (“4 Reasons Why Stocks Will Rally Again in 2011?), The Street and CNBC’s Jim Cramer, who expects the DOW to increase 16% next year, and Bloomberg News’ John Dorfman (“…Top 10 List for 2011?), among many others. But while many are optimistic over the economy for 2011, others are taking a more cautious approach, as suggested by this morning’s Business Insider article, “5 Stocks Due for a Pullback.” Netflix, Amazon, and stocks tied to the health of the Chinese market (e.g., Baidu) are addressed.

At Crystal Research, we are looking forward to 2011 and intend to continue thoroughly evaluating companies’ potential, supplying investors with the knowledge they need to make an informed investment decision on some truly innovative firms. Visit us at for more information and profiles of companies, such as U.S.-based Unilife Corp. (UNIS-NASDAQ), which has spent 2010 increasing its operational capabilities in order to meet projected market demand for its proprietary safety syringe products. Unilife has nearly completed a move into a custom-designed 165,000 ft2 global headquarters and commercial production facility in York, Pennsylvania. As well, the Company has met 9 of 10 milestones under an industrialization program with sanofi-aventis for the “Unifill® Syringe,” which is a year ahead of schedule and has generated $22.5 million in milestone payments to date. Commercial manufacturing of the Unifill® Syringe is expected by mid-2011. This is in addition to sales of Unilife’s Unitract® range of 1mL safety syringes, which began in 2010.

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