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After the close of the market today, we published an updated Executive Informational Overview on Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (APDN-OTC.BB). Follow the jump for a brief overview of Applied DNA or visit our website at to access the full 68-page report at no charge. As well, join our mailing list to be notified of new future report releases.

Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (“Applied DNA” or “the Company”) provides DNA-based security and authentication solutions to protect products, brands, and intellectual property from theft, counterfeiting, fraud, and diversion. DNA evidence is trusted by police and recognized by courts worldwide. Used by forensic laboratories, including the FBI, DNA authentication is absolute with a margin of error close to zero.

Applied DNA markets several security platforms, for which its pipeline may include as many as 50 to 60 projects at any time. The Company’s SigNature® DNA platform is used to embed products, such as inks, dyes, textile treatments, thermal ribbon, thread, varnishes, and adhesives, with botanical DNA markers that have been highly customized from plant DNA. These traceable markers identify original products and cannot be copied or reverse engineered. Over 600 million products to date have employed this DNA technology. The ability to incorporate DNA markers directly into individual goods makes SigNature® DNA applicable to many industries, including cash-and-valuables-in-transit (CViT), textiles and apparel, secure documents, pharmaceuticals, wine, and luxury items.

A second platform, BioMaterial Genotyping, is used to determine the authenticity of natural materials used in finished products by detecting and identifying their genomic DNA. Applied DNA’s technologies may offer several advantages over alternatives: (1) resistance to replication; (2) forensic capabilities that can be used to prosecute counterfeiters; (3) low error rates; and (4) affordability.</p