GenSpera Craig Dionne Targeted Therapies

Corporate Milestone Update for GenSpera (GNSZ)

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Earlier today, GenSpera presented at the Biotech Showcase™ 2012 in San Francisco, California. GenSpera also recently participated in the Wall Street Analyst Forum, where Dr. Craig Dionne discussed the latest achievements and future milestones for GNSZ (shown below).

GenSpera's Corporate Achievements and Milestones

Of note is the continuing progress in the Phase I Human G-202 trial in cancer patients who are refractory to prior chemotherapy. Data from this trial is expected in early 2012.

"So far, we've dosed 25 patients. We've gone through seven cohorts. We're about to dose escalate into the eighth. That should begin hopefully before Christmas, maybe early in the New Year. To put this in perspective, our first dose was around a 2 mg dose. We just finished 120 mg in dosing. The next dose may be as high as 180 mg. So we've gone through a huge range of dosing. To be honest, we thought we would have reached the maximum tolerated dose last May. The drug has surprised us, it's safer than we thought (not than we hoped), but it's safer than we thought. And we're still going up."

Dr. Craig Dionne, President & CEO of GenSpera, Inc. on Dec. 6, 2011

GenSpera is a development-stage oncology company focused on targeted therapies for cancer that deliver a potent drug directly to tumors, thus maximizing efficacy while minimizing side effects. Unlike standard cancer drugs, thapsigargin kills cancer cells independent of cell division rates, which gives it the capability to kill slow-growing cancer stem cells, which are often responsible for tumor relapse after conventional cancer treatment.