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New Research Released on Reliance Global Group, Inc. (RELI-OTC)

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An Executive Informational Overview (EIO) is now available on Reliance Global Group, Inc. (RELI-OTC), a diversified holding company investing in real estate and insurance markets. The 48-page report details the Company's business, its strategy, market opportunities, strategic relationships, competition, financials, risks, and more. It is available for download below.


Snapshot of Reliance Global Group, Inc.


Reliance Global Group, Inc. (“RELI” or “the Company”) operates as a diversified holding company investing in real estate and insurance markets, as well as other related sectors. RELI’s focus is to grow the Company by pursuing an aggressive acquisition strategy, including both real estate and wholesale and retail insurance agencies. In the real estate division, the Company’s primary focus is to pinpoint undervalued multifamily properties throughout various locations in the U.S., profiting through increased interim cash flows and substantial exit value gains. In the insurance sector,

RELI’s strategy is to identify and acquire undervalued wholesale and retail insurance agencies with operations in growing or underserved segments, expand and optimize their operations, and achieve asset value appreciation while generating interim cash flows. As part of its growth and acquisition strategy, RELI is currently in negotiations with several affiliated and non-affiliated parties and expects to complete a number of material transactions throughout the course of 2019.

The Company is controlled by the same management team as Reliance Global Holdings, LLC, a limited liability company that is the owner and operator of numerous companies with core interests in real estate and insurance. RELI’s relationship with Reliance Holding Group provides the Company with significant benefits: (1) experience, know-how, and industry relations in both the real estate and insurance sectors; (2) a source of acquisition targets currently under Reliance Global Holdings’ control; and (3) financial and logistic assistance.

Key Points of Reliance Global Group' Business

  • RELI acquires existing businesses with proven track records in sectors where its operators have previous experience and where it sees value-added opportunities. RELI’s acquisitions include both affiliated properties—properties currently owned or controlled by Reliance Global Holdings—as well as non-affiliated parties.
  • RELI’s acquisitions have been privately funded through Reliance Global Holdings. RELI is now seeking private capital from outside sources to procure $10 million to $20 million of additional funds to secure and finance new acquisitions.
  • RELI is currently under contract with Reliance Global Holdings to acquire 19 multifamily properties, with a combined net equity of $30 million and a combined asset value of over $110 million.
  • To date, RELI has acquired five insurance agencies, including both affiliated and unaffiliated companies, and has executed Letters of Intent (LOIs) for the acquisition of two other agencies.
  • In September 2018, RELI elected to terminate its status as an SEC-reporting entity as it intended to acquire businesses which did not have SEC-compliant financial statements. Following those acquisitions, the Company began SEC-compliant audits of its financials to become an SEC-reporting issuer again.
  • The Company is led and advised by a management team that offers over 100 years of combined business expertise in real estate, insurance, and the financial service industry.
  • Cash and cash equivalent as of February 28, 2019 was $136,673.


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