Senior Analyst & CEO Jeff Kraws Discusses Ebola Therapies and Vaccines

Posted by Laura Swartz

October 15, 2014 at 1:15 PM

On Tuesday, October 14, Crystal Research Associates' senior pharmaceutical analyst and chief executive officer, Jeff Kraws, sat down with Andrew Schmertz, host of Arise TV's Xchange program, to discuss public and private efforts at curbing the Ebola outbreak.

With the World Health Organization now forecasting that new cases of Ebola virus could reach up to 10,000 a week by December, and a mortality rate from the illness that has risen to 70%, drugmakers are racing to test new medicines and vaccines against the virus. In the clip below, Kraws and Schmertz look at why it has taken so long to find a cure or treatment for Ebola and what the U.S. government is pushing for on this front today. Kraws also specifically outlines four therapeutic companies and three vaccine entities that may have the potential to change how Ebola is treated and prevented in the near future.

The Arise Xchange program from Arise TV seeks to provide viewers with up-to-date info on market news, trends, investment opportunities, and small business interests.

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